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As a Christian Ghost Hunter I do get alot of flack from the Christian Community stating that I am only
chasing down demons and what I do is evil, and I am playing with the Devil etc etc. We are seeing in the
Christian Community today that there is somewhat of an awakening if you will, that there might actually
be something such as a departed soul or ghost.

Dr. Kenneth McAll's ministry was based on dealing with these spirits as departed souls and not treating
them as demons. As a result he had great success in helping the living people who were having issues,
and they were healed by ministering before the Lord Jesus on their behalf and the behalf of the nonliving
family members or 'departed souls'.

My quest as a ghost hunter is to find my own answers as to whether or not ghosts do exist or they are
just merely demons. In one of my nights of pondering this subject I wrote this statement.

When the phrase "Departed Soul" is mentioned, most people today relate that to the word "ghost." To
debate the question as to whether a ghost is indeed a departed soul or merely a demon, one has to take
some things into consideration.

The word ghost has been used since biblical times. In Matthew 14:25-26 it states: Now in the fourth
watch of the night Jesus went to them, walking on the sea. And when the disciples saw Him walking on
the sea, they were troubled, saying "It is a ghost!" And they cried out in fear. NKJV.

If a ghost is nothing but a departed soul then why did these disciples have fear? Could it have been fear
of the unknown, lack of understanding, or did these disciples believe this entity or ghost they were
seeing was infact a demon?

It is said these spirits have to have energy to draw from in order manifest. They are unable to make this
energy on their own, they have to gather it from somewhere. I have found this to be true during
investigations. In a locations the has paranormal activity you tend to go through batteries rather quickly. I
have had camera's, flash lights, 2 way radios and other pieces of equipment malfunction for no reason
during an investigation. They will also draw energy from the people around them. There have often been
times I have done an investigation and have had to sleep for a week due to being drained of my own
energy from one of these entities.

Another belief is if you bring a person on an investigation who has a bi-polar disorder or whom is
psychotic you will get awesome pictures around that person. It is said that the persons brain operates on
a different frequency than the average person. My question here has always been: If their brain is
operating on a different frequency, is it the energy itself we capture on film, are these people drawing
more spirits to them because they are operating on a different frequency, or are we merely capturing
their demons?

Some say a person will carry over the same personality in death that they had in life, meaning that if you
were mean in life then you will not be so pleasant to deal with in death. The word demon is rarely used
amongst the ghost hunting community. The closest thing to it would be the word "Poltergeist" (German,
from poltern to knock + geist spirit, a noisy usually mischievous ghost held to be responsible for
unexplained noises (as rapping's). These are the ones that will kick your dog or throw your coffee
across the room. It is said they are usually found in a place where there are strong emotional times going
on in a persons life and the activity is usually centered around that person.

When doing your own investigations and determining what it is you are dealing with, you cannot look at
the spirits themselves. One has to look at the effects these spirits are having on their surroundings and
the people involved. The main documented elements in all cases are some sort of fear, mental illness,
emotional problems and fatigue which are said by the Christian Community to be demonic influences.

Dr. McAll had success by treating these spirits as real people who died. In studying Christian
Deliverance I have read that some deliverance you can do yourself, some you have to have someone help
you with, some you have to fast first and get rid of certain things in the home etc etc. These are
"techniques" per say. So could it not be that instead of discovering there really are such things as ghosts
or departed souls, Dr. McAll just happened to stumble on a different technique in dealing with demons?

This is an age old question and it is one that if you ask 10 different people you will receive 10 different
answers. The Bible itself is very unclear about the existence of  ghosts, however it is very clear about
demons. But one thing is clear, the term ghost was even used in Biblical times. This is why I am a ghost
hunter, to find the truth.

Kim Stewart

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